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We are Kawela lemonade.
We are a website, here to give you something to do, no matter when,where or how . We have timewasters, hobbies and ways to make money for any and all reasons. Hope you enjoy

Because of quarantine

In case you have been living under a rock, STAY THERE. Coronavirus has hit the world hard and everyone should be staying inside. Being stuck indoors is hard on all of us, but the main problem (apart from the actual virus) is boredom. Luckily for you kawela lemonade is here to help, we have made an all new section specifically aimed for quarintine.

Countdown till summer holidays

Do something colouful: Try the ultimate doodle
Go on, make some lemonade
More content coming soon. Just you wait


Rise of the book worms


To all the book worms, caterpillars or other bugs, our newest timewaster has been around since the roman times. Yes the classic book, a bunch of paper and a cover to wrap it all of. Easy, simple and rewarding.

Tell us what you do on the weekend


The weekend is the clear best time of the week, but if you don't have anything to do it can seem to last forever. If you have any ideas on what to do , post as soon as possible to stop somebody bored from going insane.

We're a bit basic.


We are so basic I cant think of something to write here. But give me and my friends time and Kawelalemonade.com will get better and better and better until it is the best website the world has ever seen


We are making a post it, bit

It is hard to write content without any help, so to make it easier on me I am asking you to write some. Yep that's right we are adding a post it bit to the website where you can add your own timewasters, moneymakers and hobbies, to cure somebody's boredom.

The original money making stand

Yeah, the classic lemonade stall.  Simply made, simply sold.

The ingredients are simple :

That is it. So why not sell some drinks in your neighbourhood. ( Don't do this if you think you need a permit, or some other stupid law like that)

The great neighbourhood bake off

If you are a baking fanatic a bake sale is a great thing to do in your local area . No one can resist a cake, and even if you are not a star baker there is always doughnuts from the shop.

Top baking websites: