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Quarintine Update
Go on, make some lemonade
More content coming soon. Just you wait

We are Kawela lemonade and this is our blog
This is what me and the team do to , give you lovely people kawela lemonade.


The Scientific lemonade (the team)



This is me, the Captain of the team. I am the lead content writer and the person who started the whole thing. I like coding, outer space, skateboarding, gymnastics and Doctor Who. If there is any problems it most likely my fault.Sorry.

Comic relief


Just some kid who doesn't really know what he's doing, kinda just tries to help, wants a pay rise right know. Likes mandarin and gaming

Captain's note: He doesn't get payed 

The Sleeper

Avatar My best quality is being lazy. I like my PS4 and my bed. I can't even be bothered to write all of this.
Captain's note: I don't know why I pay him. :/

The socialist

Avatar The socialist has got a black belt in all things social media. She tells people on the internet all about our website and brings in the main source of views and clicks on the website (How we make moneys.)

Happy birthday to our social media manager

Our social media manager is one of the best in the world (probably) and since today is her birthday all of us at kawelalemonade would like to wish her congrats.

Thank you

Kawela lemonade would not be alive today if it were not for the lovely people that check out my website. You are the people that keep this website alive and thriving and still check it out even though it may not be the best website in the world.To all those people at home can I just say thank you.